The pasteurizer process consists of four stages:

1. HEATING: The pasteurizer’s tank is filled with liquid egg which is then automatically heated to the

temperature of 66-69°C [147-154°F],

2. PASTEURIZATION: The liquid egg heated to the pasteurization temperature is kept in the pasteurizer’s tank where it is pasteurized within a time period of 15-20 minutes which time can be adjusted on the control panel. The egg mass is continuously stirred, and the whole process is controlled by the controller and recorded in the course recorder.

3. COOLING: The pasteurized liquid egg is rapidly chilled to 2-6°C [36°F] with the use of ice cold water,

4. PACKING: The chilled egg liquid is then automatically pumped into the bag filler where the it is measured and then pumped into BagInBox plastic bags.During the pasteurization process, the liquid egg is constantly being mixed, and the whole process is supervised by a built-in controller and saved onto a recorder.

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