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A Short Brief of Inova International

INOVA INTERNATIONAL is one of the most renowned Indenting, Import, Export and Consultancy House in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We mainly deal with Processing Line, Packaging Machines and Ingredients for the Food, Beverages & Pharmaceutical Industries. We work both on TURN-KEY and Individual Item basis. At Inova International , we provide a wide range of Food Processing and Packaging Machines : of those some are mentioned as a reference like Biscuits (all types), Bakery & Confectionery Products, Wafer (Roll & flat type), Bread & Toast (Automatic and Manual), Chips Pellet & Chips (Fresh Potato, Potato Starch and Flour based), Puffed Snacks (All types), Custard Cake, Plain Cake, Bakery Biscuits, Chocolate, Instant Noodles, Stick Noodles, Candy, Mineral Water, Juice, Carbonated Drinks, Ice Cream, Liquid Milk (Pasteurized & Chocolate), Tea, Milk Powder, Flour, Salt etc. We also supply Scratch Card and IC Card Production Lines. Other than the above ones we supply any machine or other items as per the demand of the esteemed clients if it is within our working range.

With the working experience of around 25 years to select any machine we focus on advanced technology, High performance, environmental friendliness and simplified operation. Any machine we supply to our Clients we specify all the Electrical & Electronic items mentioning the Brand name and country of Origin.

The installation of small Processing Machines and all the Packing Machines are done by our Technical Team.In 95% Cases After Sales Service is ensured by our local Technical Personnel and in only 5% cases we take help of the overseas Engineers/Technical Personnel.In our ready stock we keep most of the easy breakable or frequently changeable Spare Parts which help us to ensure fastest After Sales Service.Few small Machines and Packing Machines are also available in our ready stock.

We also supply Flavours, Emulsifiers, Fruits & other concentrates, Compounds, Natural Colours from Globally renowned DOEHLER, Germany.

We also provide integrated solutions from the same source. We supply Vegetable Flakes & other raw materials from around the world.

Integrity, commitment, experience & after sales service is our main capital. All of our respected existing Customers know – “What we say, we mean” and “we are with them in time of problems”. So, we strongly believe -our valued existing customers are our Brand Ambassadors.


  • Always we are searching for INNOVATIVE & PROSPECTIVE concepts
  • We value the Money of our clients to the highest possible level
  • We work on TURN-KEY Basis wherever necessary
  • We are committed to provide all the concerned After Sales Service & Accessories
  • We do co-operate our clients for concerned Marketing & Sales
  • We think, speak, and work on one principle, truth
  • Customer’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal

Inova International

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life and support the industry and nation by providing top-notch solutions, raw materials, machinery and ingredients for the Food & Beverage Industries. +88 02 48810564 / +88 01817 645087

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