Direct Gas-fired Baking Oven

Name : Automatic Biscuit Production Line

Description :


The direct Gas-fired oven burns LPG or Natual Gas. It consists of the operation system, baking part, electrical part and auxiliary machanisms:

Operation System:

  • Equipped with LCD touch screen with the PLC controller as the system.
  • Programmed operation design to avoid accidents due to maloperation  effectively.
  • The dynamic monitoring screen shows normal operationg condition or malfunction location, making it possible to solve the problem(s) rapidly.

 Baking Part:

  • The burners are located above and below the oven band. Burn the flammable gas to bake the biscuits directly.
  • The inner wall of the oven is painted with organosilicon heat-resistant lacquer (able to withstand a high temperature to up to 500ºC)
  • A Three section burner is provided in each temperature zone. The fire of the 3 section can be Adjusted separately.

Electrical Part :

  • Fully Automatic PID temperature control system that offers that offers temperature control accuracy of ±1ºC.
  • 9 alarm systems of ensure safe production.

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