Rotary Moulder

Name : Automatic Biscuit Production Line

Description :


The Rotary Moulder is the special equipment for making biscuits. After being pre-rolled and crashed by the combination sheeter, the dough goes into the rotary moulder for rolling and forming.

  • The machine can be controlled either separately or together with other machines.
  • Adopts central control system, LCD touch screen operation and HMI
  • Straight slots in both redial and transverse directions of the feed roller to enable sufficient feeding.
  •  The clearance between the feed roller and mould is adjustable.
  • The roller can be adjusted on either side or both sides to reduce the deviation of biscuit weight among lines.
  • The liner speed of the conveyor belt of the mould is identical with that of the demoulding rubber roller, therefore reducing biscuit deformation.
  • Speed : 9-16m/min (Based on 60 meter Oven and frequency of 30-50Hz) 

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