1/2/3 Gauge Roll Machine & Sheeter Relaxing Device

Name : Automatic Biscuit Production Line

Description :

1/2/3 Gauge Roll Machine and Sheeter Relaxing Device


1/2/3 gauge roll machine rolls the dough sheets three times to decrease the thickness of the dough sheets and forms a section of even ripples the relaxing device to eliminate the residual stress in the dough sheets, which then fulfill the requirements for making biscuits.


* 1/2/3 gauge roll machine use a P+G displacement transducer to inspect the thickness of dough sheet. Where it is necessary to change the thickness of dough sheets, simply input the desired dough sheet thickness on the touch screen and the dough thickness adjusting motor will adjust the thickness of dough sheets according to the data input in an accurate manner.

* Adopts PLC central control system and touch screen operations.

* The roller is made of chilled cast iron and is 300mm in diameter. The roller guard is installed on the upper roller to reduce the change of cutting the dough sheets. The inner white food grade nontoxic nylon gasket prevents the dough sheets from Being contaminated.

* Weight : 2.4T (Single Unit)

* 3rd Gauge roll Speed : 11-22m/min (based on 60 meter oven and frequency of 30-52Hz)


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