Sheet Forming Machine

Name : Automatic Biscuit Production Line

Description :


The Sheet forming machine is used for the rolling and forming process. It consists of the combination sheeter, 1/2/3 gauge rolls, relaxed transition device, rotary cutter, rest conveyor, scrap return system, rotary moulder, salt/sugar sprinkler and bracket before the oven. It can be used to make hard biscuits and soft biscuits, and be used to make soda biscuits when used in combination with the laminator.

* The outer cover and door panel are of the stainless steel frame structure with beveled edge upper surface and confirm to international food sanitation standards.

* Each individual machine adopts a touch screen as the operating interface and the whole forming machine is controlled using PLC for accurate speed regulation and control. It can motor all kinds of data (for instance. motor speed, linear speed of the gauge rolls and conveyor belts, and dough sheet thickness, etc) record and file them on an real-time basis to ensure safe and convenient operations.

* Each individual machine can be controlled separately or together.

* Pneumatic tensioning divider that can automatically adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt.


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