Name : Automatic Biscuit Production Line

Description :


The laminator is necessary for making soda (Cracker) Biscuits, After sheeing, depositing of fat/flour dust between the dough laminations and laminating, the dough will be conveyed to the forming machine for making soda (cracker) Biscuit. The biscuit made using the laminator show a clearly layered structure with a crispy flavor.

* The upper carrier, upper carrier conveyer belt, lower carrier, lower carrier conveyer belt and cutter of the laminating part of the laminator are powered by seeming high-precision durable servo motor. Accurate speed and positon control is achieved through Siemens SINAMIC servo drive so that more layers of dough sheets can be laminated at a faster rate in an orderly manner and the width of the douth sheets cna be easily adjusted. the operation is simple, conveient and intelligent, and the machine cna operate without andy fault for a long time.

* With the PLC control system and variable frequency speed regulating motor, the machines can be controlled separately or together. The degree of automation is high.

* Cutting laminations with fat/flour dust sprayed evenly and spriahying width.

* The fat/flour dust spray machine uses the brush roller to enhance the fat. flour dust pray effect.

* Continuous laminating, the number of layer and dough sheet thickness are adjustable

* The quantily and position in which the fat/flour dust is sprayed are adjustable using the varible frequency speed regulation motor.

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