Rotary Oven

Name : Bakery Biscuit Production Line

Description :


Baking Scope : 

* All kinds of Bread, Cookies Biscuits, Cakes, Mooncake, Hamburger, Pie, Toast, Beguette, Pastru and Fillet or Meet etc.

Product Performance :

* One time can baking 96, 80, 72, 64, 16, 12 trays

* Luxurious apperance, reasonable structure;

* New control box using titanium frame, can be opened from the front, easy for maintenance. Controll box with closed-type structure and protection of electricla violations against pest; while increasing the fan to extend the using life of electrical appliances and equipped with the safety siren, pre-ventilation, and explosion-proof equipment;

* Italian of Japan imported burner, with less fuel consumption, combustiong safety, low waste emission benefits; critical electrical parts imported form France, Japan, Italy.

Product Categories:

LPG and Natural Gas, Diesel, Electric four kinds; accordiing to the customer production volume are divided into 96, 80, 72, 64, 32, 16, 2 traysand orther types.

Product Advantage :

1. The door double-layer temperated glass door, outer removable cleaning, simple and convenient.

2. Five trage style tuyere, facilitate adjustment furnace temperatature.

3. The oven is removable structure, conveniently to transport and install.

4. With the exhaust system.

5. With the steam function cna be baking the french baguette


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