Biscuit Stacking Machine

Name : Automatic Biscuit Production Line

Description :


  • Made of stainless
  • PU belt as conveying belt
  • Speed adjusted by frequency inverter
  • Stainless steel surface
  • Conducting bar fixed by magnet, convenience to adjust quickly the space between conducting bars;
  • To handling different biscuits, a Star-wheel design is used on the machine; it can adjust forward, backward, up and down.
  • A shifting device was added on biscuit receiving table, it can track biscuit from cooling conveyer and take them to biscuit stacking machine fast, precisely and evenly.
  • End of slide board is circular arcs plate design, avoiding biscuits tumbled while clashes;
  • In order to guarantee biscuits can enter to the next packing stage in most suitable way, a two meters guiding bar was added after the biscuit stacker;

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