Cooling Conveyor

Name : Automatic Biscuit Production Line

Description :


The cooling conveyor is used for normal cooling conveying. Made of stainless steel square pipes of proper strength, the cooling conveyor is structurally simple and compact. The whole machine looks light and stable, and is easy to install and remove.


* With the diamond shape supporting arm, the supporting frame has little dust accumulation, and is easy to clean.

* The Conveyor belt is pneumatically tensioned, the gear racks cause the two side to act synchronously, runoff is Adjusted automatically and each conveyor belt is provided with a runoff adjustment system at the front and at the back.

 * Equipped with an anti-biscuit-reversing device.


Depending on the conditions of the size, the following cooling conveying methods are available with 90° or 180°bend unit.

A. Straight line type

B. Zigzag type.

C. Double Bend turning type


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