The Forced Hot Wind Circulation Baking Oven

Name : Automatic Biscuit Production Line

Description :



The forced hot wind circulation baking oven changes the electric energy into the heat energy to bake the biscuit. The oven includes the operation system, baking, auxiliary mechanism and the electric system.

Operation System :

  • With full automatically control system, operation easy and convenient avoiding the multi-gas control.


Baking Parts :

  • With electric for the heat souce, change the electric energy into the heat energy through the electric pipe to realize the product baking. The baking system is more sanitary and qualitative for the biscuit.
  • With organosilicon heat-resistant lacquer inside the oven (high-temperature resistant 400ºC)
  • With belt cleaning machine, which is to clean residual sheeter and extend the service life of the belt.


Electric Equipment :

  • The wire circuit with standard quality. The wire cross from the spacer axis, which is more safe and aesthetic.
  • Temperature Automatic control system : when the temperature doesn’t reach the set data, all the electric pipes would work: when the temperature raise up and reach the set data, the electric heating pipes would work periodically, finally reach the potential value to make the heat energy meet with the production requirement and then reach the purpose of constant temperature production.


Auxiliary Mechanism  :

  • Each Zone with the independent exhaust fan to force the hot air flow to transfer the heat. With frequency control system.
  • Each Oven body with special adjusting board to adjust the air displacement.
  • With the oven preheating device to avoid the biscuit cohere with the oven belt.
  • The board of control cabinet made by stainless steel, with a clean and nice apearan.
  • Belt Speed : 8-22 m/min
  • Heat insulator : Rock wool.

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